A Little Look at Our Wedding Through Videos

Robbins Creative filmed and edited our video on our special day. They did so well. I am in love with the videos! They're so great to work with and they're somehow magical because Daniel and I are usually awkward in front of cameras but they made us look so laid back and in love for our First Look and Formals :) Thank you! So just click on the little link under it to watch the video!

Click here to watch the First Look & Formals video
Click here to watch the Temple Wedding video
Click here to watch the Wedding Reception video

Transition From Being Engaged to Married Through Pictures

I got all my engagements, formals, and wedding pictures from Kati Ann Photography and they're ready to be posted on my blog. Enjoy! :)


Of course there needed to be a missionary girlfriend related picture ;)

First Look & Formals


Temple Wedding


We also had a mini money cake and we turned it into a game! Guests guess the amount of the money used and whoever got the closest wins the cake. Our photographer won it that night!

Normal Life

Today was our first full day back from our honeymoon and it happened to be on a Sunday.

Our first experience at church as a married couple turned out to be interesting.

So we accidentally attended the Spanish ward. We stayed anyway to take the sacrament and pretended we understood every single word that was spoken on that fast and testimony meeting.

After church, we sent off Melissa (my new cousin) back to the amazing state of Utah. She was ecstatic to go back to that exciting place.

Then we watched Harry Potter with our wands we got at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We pretended we were the characters and casted spells everywhere and anywhere.

It's so great to not have homework or wedding planning to do!

Aaaand of course, ending this blog with a picture.

Hi, we're all family now.

Wedding Sneak Peeks

It's the last day of my honeymoon but I SO wanted to blog some wedding/bridal pictures. So the best I can do is some sneak peeks until I'm home from Florida and not tired from 3423432 theme parks.

lvoe, kd

Life Update #1

1. Bridal Shower #1 with close friends and family happened last Saturday. It was Frozen themed. My Bridal Shower #2 is going to happen in 2 days. But #1 was great... although I realized I forgot to invite a few friends that I shouldn't have forgotten. Oops! Pictures? oKaY. Just keep reading and you'll get to see some pictures!

2. Had my last dress fitting a couple days ago and I AM IN LOVE with my dress. I'm sure I mentioned it before but it's custom made which I'm SO glad about! I'm real picky. One of my bridesmaids' mom is a seamstress so she's making my dress + veil!

3. Daniel officially moved in. We're staying in the spare room of my house for now until I'm able to find a stable job. That way, we can save more and move into a nice area (like Yorba Linda, heh) instead of finding a place where we live now (we don't like this area at all). So now I'm sitting on his computer chair at his computer desk (12 days until it'll be mine too!) working on some projects while he sleeps... then I'm off to my bed next door when I get sleepy!

Half of the hostesses of the shower - my cousin and sister!
My reaction when I first stepped out and saw all the decorations!

Snapped a quick picture!

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